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When opening a business in another country do you have to abide by the rules in your country as for as trading?

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Don't know how trading works in other countries. #business #market-trading

2 answers

Leonardo’s Answer


Hi Devetra ! Hope you are doing fine!

Its awesome to see people with interest in expanding businesses. I work for a huge multinational that has business all around the globe. The quick and short answer is it depends but in general yes.

It will depend on several factors:

1) How much volume do you intend to negotiate in the country of question. You can do direct sales from another country, have a distributor or work with an in market operations. All will come down to how much to you forecast to have as business and that will dictate the level of complexity of the operation.

2) What is the industry you are working with. Countries tend to have specific legislation for some of the fields such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, etc.

Leonardo recommends the following next steps:

  • Have a quick assessment on market projections for what you are selling. But my recommendation is start small, probably operating with a distributor that will know the local legislation and already has its own network of distribution.
  • Plan you supply chain to attend the demand in a flexible and responsive way. That will guarantee no disruption on growth support and will avoid a lot of headache as the business evolve :)

Phil’s Answer


Straight answer is Yes. You will need to abide by the laws in the countries you conduct business.