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Chandni D. Oct 11, 2017 1086 views

How is Supply Chain as a domain ?

This question is for all the Supply Chain Professionals. How do you find this domain in terms of job prospects ? How did you get certified and gained work experience in this field ? Please share your experiences and any insights you can offer. Thanks. #supply-chain #logistics...

#logistics-and-supply-chain #supply-chain-management

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Nazy N. Oct 27, 2017 603 views

MBA vs IE vs data analyst

I am currently a graduate MSc student in Chemical engineering. I have relatively low interest in Chem. Eng. (living is US). I am thinking about changing fields. My current options are MBA, Industrial engineering and Statistics. I have a wide range of interests, very adaptive, good at math,...

#career-counseling #mba #data-analysis #statistics #industrial-engineer #career-path

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Monica H. Jan 16, 2018 276 views
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Kali M. Nov 19, 2018 370 views

Whats a good job to begin with in the business industry?

I am starting to go into office administration and wanted to know which business or anything related to it (work, experience, ect) would help me to know more about my future career. #career...