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what is the life of a chef like?

I would want to know how the grind of a chef would be like, finding jobs, and places of work. #culinary #culinary-arts #chefs #culinary-skills #busines #culinary-management

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4 answers

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Amy’s Answer

Hi Isiah,

I have worked in restaurant for 27 years. I have worked in all kinds of kitchens. Every day is different, and every house ( restaurant) is different. Each Chef ( boss) has different expectations. The hours are long. Lots of weekends, and you will work all major holidays. It is hot, faced- paced stressful and loud. There is a lot of cleaning, some heavy lifting. You have to be clean and organized. You have to be tough. You have to be able to think on your feet. Many chefs work 50 plus hours a week. ( More if they own the place). It is also the most exciting, rewarding and fulfilling career that I know of. There is always something new to learn, something to get better at. There are countless ways to express yourself with the dishes you create. A chef uses food to create art that will give someone a lasting memory.

The best way to know if it is right for you, is to get a job in a restaurant, that way you can experience it for yourself.

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Gary’s Answer

As a former Admissions person for a large culinary institute, I used to recruit and advise students on culinary careers. A career in culinary can be very exciting and no 2 days are the same so it is not boring...it can require you to work a variety of hours - nights, weekends, holidays. Good luck, I am including some more information for you below.

Here is a link I found on careerplanning.com specifically about a career as a chef
Day in a Chef's or Cook's Life:These are some typical job duties taken from online ads for culinary jobs found on Indeed.com:Chef / Head Cook
Manage all aspects of kitchen operations, including menu planning, staffing, scheduling, training, and shift execution.
Create theme menus, ideas for ice sculptures, decorations, banquets and special events.
Ensure compliance with federal, state, local and company health, safety and sanitation standards; work in a clean, neat manner, ensuring that all sanitation and nutrition practices are maintained by all kitchen employees at all times.
Create meals that are tasty, visually appealing, and meet the dietary requirements established by the dietitian.
Maintain budget in all financial areas: food, labor, operating costs.
Assist with preparation and presentation of meals.
Weigh, measure, and mix ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using various kitchen utensils and equipment.
Handle special dietary requests and work with guests requiring special requests due to dietary concerns.
Maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of assigned work areas.
Prepare at least five orders concurrently as ordered.

Nice answer Payton .

Thank-you, you are very helpful :) River D.

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Joshua’s Answer

A daily schedule for a chef is rough, it takes a lot a passion and drive to do what we do everyday, between budgets, inventory, menu planning, banquets, in some cases outdoor service as well. But everyday is different, everyday you learn something new and it’s makes the day worth it. Get in early, plan your specials, get your paperwork done, help prep, get ready for service, whether that’s expo or helping your guys on the line. Leave late. From the butchery of fish, beef, lamb, etc. To the paperwork that is draining even more so than a 12 hour shift. You are happy doing it all.

Joshua recommends the following next steps:

Get out there and learn!

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Dada’s Answer

Hi Isaiah,
I will get through this straight ,
You may end up working for 14 hours straight and yet feel like work is incomplete. There will be a self reality check of what is being done in your profession - if the career is in right direction given stress level .As a matter of fact most upscale restaurants, chefs knw when to arrive & heading to home is never decided in the morning. You will have to check inventory and check the days meals schedule and work accordingly - Now all of the mentioned above shuld not misjudge your passion towards the culinary industry as there is a lot to offer in terms of little happy pleasures that you will receive from both the customers/guest & a pat from your executive chefs , mainly the new adventure of creating the new dishes for menu-its a glamorous delight in its ownself .

All the best !