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What is the best field of study in the medical field?

Updated Rock Island, Illinois

I am wanting to be in the medical field and I was wondering what is the best field of study to get into. What does the world need the most in the future and what can I do to improve the future of society?

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Shalissa’s Answer

Updated Providence, Rhode Island

The thing that makes it most important is going to be individual for you. What the “best” option is will be the one that keeps you satisfied, even through the bad, because you’re doing what you love.

What population do you enjoy working with?

Do you want to do PCP work, surgery, radiology, phlebotomy, emergency care...etc.?

I wish I had a better answer. But I know if you follow your heart and do what leaves you feeling fulfilled in life, that’s the best choice you can make for yourself. Think about where you see yourself in ten years. Try to volunteer or intern in various medical settings. Most importantly, don’t rush to decide what’s ‘best’ right away; only time and experience will tell!

Good luck in all you do!