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What is a good career to go into that is common and mostly accepts all?

I am a junior in highschool and i am curios to what jobs are the most common, and good as a starter.

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3 answers

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Kristin’s Answer

Hi Shamari!

I highly advocate getting a software engineering or computer science degree if you have the means. A community college should offer a good, basic curriculum, from which you can transition to a university (call first - someone there can give you the details). A CS degree will teach you how to code and manage software projects. Even if you don't end up working directly in programming, a working knowledge of coding and software will take you far on your route to a different role in the field. Most of the specifics can be learned on the job... but, sadly, you won't get the chance to prove that without a degree. I spent 2 years looking for a job in the field until I gave in and accepted that I had to be able to prove my skills on paper, in the form of a degree. But once you have one, the field is wide open. Almost every industry needs programmers these days - and someone to manage them. There is definitely a home for you in STEM :)


Your answer is great Kristin, thanks so much for sharing your expertise! At this moment there are more than 800 unanswered questions so I wanted to encourage you to keep going! So many students will benefit tremendously from hearing from you. Keep up the great work! Lindsey Manning-Djabbari BACKER

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Cheryl’s Answer

Hi! I am assuming you are curious about mechanical engineering based on your hash tags? . Our son is currently a junior in chemical engineering, has a friend that is in environmental engineering and has friends that are in finance. Be sure to get job internships in the summer at least starting sophomore year. Use as many connections as you can to get them or there are websites. Take a gap year and be an au pair after high school....you can earn some money and experience another country.. gain valuable experience to put on your resume since most companies are global now.. and they typically pay for you to learn their language. Go into minimal debt.. go to community college for first two years if u can.. but make sure the school u r interested in takes the credits first. Cheers!

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Jodee’s Answer

I highly recommend Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering with intent to go into software development. I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and have gradually migrated to work in Software. I have found that Software firms are some of the most inclusive employers, and software developers are in very high demand now and that will continue in the future.

An engineering degree is a little bit harder to get, but will give you the most flexibility if you decide to shift your career path somewhat, but it is not essential for software development. Hiring managers will typically hire candidates with computer science degrees or engineering equally; typically Electrical or Computer Engineering is the preferred engineering focus. Mechanical Engineering is a much more indirect path into software.

If you do want to stay in mechanical engineering, I recommend focusing on growing industries, like high-tech, which will be much more open to many different kinds of people and provide an easier career path.

Good luck!

Jodee recommends the following next steps:

Read job posting for different engineering positions to see what descriptions sound most interesting to you.