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What are the steps to create a good personal statement?

So, I know how important personal essays are in college applications. But, I am unsure on how to make a good personal statement. I've heard people say that to make a personal statement stand out, you just write about yourself. Is there other things colleges want to see in a personal statement? #college #human-resources #resume #college-applications #personal-statements #personal-objective

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2 answers

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Katelyn’s Answer


You ask a very good question, and yes, colleges do want to hear about yourself. If there is a prompt make sure you answer it, but most personal statements include your reasons for wanting to get into a specific kind of program/major and your reason for picking their college. For undergraduate degree applicants, colleges want to know what you are thinking in terms of college and career objectives too.

Okay! Thank you very much! Vicente C.

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Marcella’s Answer

Hi Vicente,

I recommend first thinking of various experiences that has helped shape you as a person, providing the background information, the problems/obstacles, what you've learned, and how you decided to tackle these problems going forward. This brainstorming session will be a great start to creating a good personal statement.