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James Nov 05, 2015 1920 views

how to write a resume

i have to write a resume #science #nursing #finance #marketing #english #ect

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Chi Jul 29, 2015 1114 views

I want to be a politician and a businesswoman in the future.Can I do both at the same time?

I'ts really rare to see a politician being a businesswoman at the same,so I was wondering if I could be that type of person.And in college,is there any major that gives you the chance to interact with both of the proffesion?

Mariel’s Avatar
Mariel Jun 27, 2015 5626 views

When is it too late to shift to another course?

I am an upcoming second year college student, taking up a business related course, but I don't even know why. I want to shift to another course, related to science and something I have great interest in. Is it too late for me to shift? #college #business #science #finance #major

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Jun 03, 2015 1445 views

What are some necessary things you need to pursue filmmaking/writing?

I am interested in the career, however I don't know what a director needs to make a film great. I am dedicated and a perfectionist, and like to make things the best quality before releasing them to the public. Are there other things you need, or should I hone the skills I have now for the...

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Cynthia May 22, 2015 1200 views

College prep

Hi. When applying to college what courses should I take in order to become a clinical psychologist? From your experience, how hard were the classes you took? #psychology #clinical-psychology #clinical

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Marcella Apr 01, 2015 2152 views

How much money does a dance teacher make?

Hello, my name is Marcella and I am in 12th grade. I am curious about how much does a dance teacher make. My mother told me they don't make a lot. I want to know how much they do make for their job.

Leigh’s Avatar
Leigh Mar 24, 2015 1311 views

What would I learn if I took a major in Unusual Psychology?

I'm interested in what happens in this major, and I want to learn more about it. #psychology #college-minor

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Gavin Mar 24, 2015 1006 views

Career Project

In LEAP, my school's advanced program, we're having a career project, and researching on our career we've chosen. Mine is Film and Video Editors and Camera Operators, I'd just like an answer on these, at least one for each: "What does this job do day to day (Tasks/Responsibilities)?", "What is...

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Vicente Mar 21, 2015 1883 views

What are the steps to create a good personal statement?

So, I know how important personal essays are in college applications. But, I am unsure on how to make a good personal statement. I've heard people say that to make a personal statement stand out, you just write about yourself. Is there other things colleges want to see in a personal statement?...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Mar 19, 2015 1254 views

If I want to pursue a career as a mathematician, what is the best step to take after I graduate from college?

I am a high school senior who plans on majoring in mathematics in college because I want to be a mathematician. #finance #mathematics #planning #mathematician

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Jasmin Mar 18, 2015 1201 views

I was thinking of teaching english in Japan, would that be a good choice? How would I find a Job overseas?

I love the culture but worried I won't get paid enough. #teaching #education #jobs #english #international

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Deviana Mar 17, 2015 1212 views

How impactful can a family therapist be to a family? How difficult is it trying to fulfill the needs of all family members?

Hello, I am a high school senior, I'm partially interested in being a family therapist as it interest me, and I was just wondering more of the personal aspects of the career. #doctor #physical-therapist #therapy #therapists #therapist #marriage-therapist #patients

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Mar 17, 2015 1777 views

What's the most efficient way to ensure a successful transition from high school to college, and from college into the workforce?

I'm slightly anxious about the transitions between each big step, and it'd be nice to receive some support on what to expect/what steps I should take to ensure that I make the most out of my time in college. #management #career-path #life-transitions

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Quintarian Mar 02, 2015 2344 views

Would photography be a wise career path?

Hey, I'm Quin, a 10th grader at Sumner Academy. I was just wondering if being a photographer would be a wise career path because its something I would really love to do for the rest of my life. Thanks. #career #photography #life #summer

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Ian Mar 01, 2015 1167 views

What kinds of classes will I have to take if I choose Business as my major?

I want to take business, but I am unsure. I don't want to have to take any advanced math. #college #business #business-major