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Vicente C. Oct 29, 2015 1684 views

How competitive is the EOP program in the CSUs?

I finished applying for 4 California State Universities (CSU Fullerton, San Diego State University, CSU Northridge, and San Jose State University) and I am applying for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). I want to know how competitive the program is and its benefits for being a part of...

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Vicente C. Mar 21, 2015 888 views

What are the steps to create a good personal statement?

So, I know how important personal essays are in college applications. But, I am unsure on how to make a good personal statement. I've heard people say that to make a personal statement stand out, you just write about yourself. Is there other things colleges want to see in a personal statement?...

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Vicente C. Feb 05, 2015 1122 views

What are programs I can take over the summer to increase my knowledge in business and/or entrepreneurship?

I'm currently researching of internships and programs I can take over the summer. I need a bit of help to find the right program/internship that correlates with my interests, which are business, finance, and entrepreneurship. #business #internships #financial-aid...


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Vicente C. Jan 27, 2015 1190 views

What colleges/universities in California have really good business programs ?

I'm currently doing a college search or where I would like to go and I want to major in the field of business. Since I want to stay close to my family, I'd prefer a college/university around the west coast. I've been seeing lots of colleges that have an amazing business program. But...

#business #college #entrepreneurship #california