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How do I prepare for an interview?

I have never had a professional interview and I want tips...


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4 answers

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Victoria’s Answer

Preparing for an interview is exciting! How you prepare will vary, depending on the type of interview you will have (i.e. behavioral, technical, case study, etc.).

If you are preparing for a behavioral interview:

Start by researching the company that you will be interviewing with. Understand the organization's culture and values. If you know anyone who already works at the company you will be interviewing with, reach out to them, and see if you can have a conversation to understand why they enjoy working there to visualize what working there may be like for you. Understanding the company you could be working for is important.

Next, considering the company's values and job responsibilities, think of a couple of experiences that you've had that exhibit values and skills that show how you would be a good fit for the role.

Engage in mock interviews. Your friends or family will be able to help with this!

Dress appropriately, in accordance with the company's policies, but make sure you're dressed comfortably.

Print multiple copies of your resume in case you have more than one interviewer.

Be punctual and make sure to arrive early, to allow for time to find your interview location.

Be yourself!

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Christina’s Answer

This response could differ depending on what industry you work in and what level you're at in your career so I'll attempt to provide generic responses:

1-Analyze the job description closely to determine if you meet the basic requirements.
2-Perform a Google search of appropriate interview questions and practice answering them until comfortable.
3-Review the company website familiarizing yourself with their Mission, Vision & Core Values.
4-Be prepared to explain why you're interested in working for them if the interviewer asks.
5-Prepare a list of relevant questions to ask your interviewer.
6-Arrive early
7-Appear neat & pressed in conservative colors (refrain from wearing perfumes/scented lotions as your interviewer may have allergies).
8-Bring multiple resume copies.
9-Be polite/friendly to each person that you come into contact with as these people may be asked about their interaction with you.
10-Follow-up with a "thank you" note or email, if possible.


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Poonam’s Answer

Here are the best interview preparation tips:


A resume is the primary tool to land a job. Create your resume as per the job profile the organization is putting forth and underlining your strength desired for the job. Keep in mind a certain something, that the points you are specifying in it ought to be the ones, you are actually intended to. This ought not be ranting and not be false just to impress the hiring manger.


Before going to any interview for any organization, ensure you know enough about the organization and you are ready to work in this organization. To achieve this, go through the company profile and the current position of the organization. It will help you to comprehend them and give you more confidence. So, invest efforts in this during your interview preparation.


for more tips: Interview preparation for fresher

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Benoit’s Answer

Look at the website of the company, look at some lists of common questions asked in interview and answer it in front of your parents or friends.