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where should I start to become a chef?

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i'm Payton and i'm in sixth grade i really love cooking i watch the food network channel and i also love to cook as well but i really want to get in the culinary arts. #classes #cooking #culinary-arts #restaurants #culinary-skills #schooling

3 answers

Elizabeth’s Answer


Hi Payton! You can start whenever you want! As a 6th grader, you can start at home - helping with meals with your family, experimenting with new recipes, and watching professionals. Some community colleges over summer programs for kids where you can learn to cook or bake. You can also see if there are cooking classes in your community.
Once you get to high school, you may be able to take some electives in cooking or attend a vocational program that focuses on the culinary arts.

Thank you so mush for the imformation Mrs Coccia Payton .
Thank you, Elizabeth, for responding to Payton. Perfect answer! :) Rebekah Lewis

Philip’s Answer


You can start anytime and I recommend by your teenage years to ask to spend some time in a restaurant kitchen to see what it is like to be a chef.

thank you for the information Payton .

Gary Stephen’s Answer


You have good answers above, I would also add that I used to be a Recruiter for a Culinary college...there are colleges/schools out there that offer courses/degrees in Culinary Arts...also hospitality management is a good field of study, you learn about restaurants/hotels/travel/tourism.
I would also suggest looking into business/home economic clubs when you are in high school...DECA and other clubs like that will help you as well.
Good luck!

thank you for the imformation Payton .