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What courses do you have to take to become an OT?

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I'm a junior in high school and I'm interested in what college courses I will need to take! #nurse #health #occupational-therapy #pediatric

2 answers

Gary Stephen’s Answer


My daughter is in her 5th year of college studying to be an OT now and my niece is an OT as well so I know about this career. Below is a good link for you with some basic information on the career and academic requirements. I would suggest talking to a college adviser and doing a lot of research into a career/education as an OT. My daughter for example got her Bachelors degree in a Science field/pre OT degree and now is in Graduate school for OT certification. It does require a lot of education, internships and licensing.
Good luck!

Occupational therapists (OTs) assist clients in performing activities of all types, ranging from using a computer to caring for daily needs such as dressing, cooking, eating, and driving. Services typically include: customized treatment programs to improve one's ability to perform daily activities; comprehensive home and job site evaluations with adaptation recommendations; adaptive equipment recommendations and usage training; and guidance to family members and caregivers. To meet an occupational therapist, see the NIH Lifeworks website. To learn more about this career, watch a video profile about occupational therapists (in the Health Science category).

Bailey’s Answer


Hello Mekenzie,
I love that you are interested in OT! I have gotten my bachelor's and I am almost complete with my Master's in OT and I am currently working with children and older adults. It is one of the best careers out there! ;). Some OT schools may have different prerequisites but I'm sure you will either need these or something very similar. To get into OT school I was required to take:

Abnormal Psychology
Art (Ceramics)
Sociology (Social Issues)

Once I got into the OT program I took all of my really awesome OT classes. I hope this helps! Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

Take care,