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What's the most difficult or unexpected aspect of a career as a chemical engineer or materials scientist?

I'm incredibly fond of the idea of melding my interests in both chemistry and engineering/experimental work, and I'm interested in what the challenges of these fields might be, or how they might differ. #engineering #chemical-engineering #materials-science

The most unexpected challenge was to be able to manage work life balance once I became mother Veronica Aguilar

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2 answers

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Paritosh’s Answer

The field of Chemical Engineering is vast one and selecting exactly the areas you like can become a daunting task. But at the same time it presents a lot more opportunities and options to select from. One difficult aspect of chemical engineering is that the concepts are harder to understand if your learning style is by doing. In other engineering branches, such as Mechanical Engineering, there are more tangible activities that you can do yourself and understand the engineering concepts. Chemical Engineering or Material Science requires the ability to deduce conclusions based on the results of an experiment as certain things that are happening at the atomic or subatomic levels are a lot less tangible and visible to you.

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Rod’s Answer

I am a chemical engineering graduate and have designed and managed chemical plants. But I have also been a teacher, computer games designer, corporate financier and CEO of a public marketing and communications company in the UK. So my answer is that the most unexpected things about a chemical engineering education for me was it gave me a great general education that gave me the confidence to try different careers.

As well as knowing about reactions, heat and mass transfer you get to know a little about all the scientific and engineering disciplines. A chemical engineer's job is to bring it all together to solve a business's problems.