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Are there any jobs for humanitarian work?

I love helping people and I really want to live my life doing humanitarian aid type stuff but I also need to make money to help sustain a family. helpingothers humanitarian non-profit-organization-management nonprofits human-rights career-path career-counseling

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5 answers

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Jayne’s Answer

It's nice that you have enthusiasm and want to help others. What people in need of humanitarian workers want are people with more than good hearts, however: they want expertise. They need people who can help train them for work, who can train them to be their own nurses, doctors, teachers, dentists, accountants, communicators, etc. Humanitarian work has shifted greatly in the last few decades from "We're here to do what you need" to "We're here to help YOU do what you need." In many places after a natural disaster, for instance, the first thing done isn't to bring in lots of workers to rebuild but, rather, to fundraise so that local people can be hired to rebuild. So if you want to work in humanitarian scenarios, think about a skill or expertise you want to master. Also, get involved locally in the kind of work you want to do internationally.

I have a web site that offers very specific advice on how to pursue a career as a humanitarian worker, such as with the UN:

Jayne - Thank you for your answer. We need more advice like this, now more than ever! There are more than 1k unanswered questions on CV right now. Hoping you'll answer a few more this week! Jordan Rivera, Team COACH

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Ashish’s Answer

Hello dear,

There are so many ways,

1. Share your knowledge with others who don't have the source.

2. Hold one family which is financially need support and fulfill one of their basic need(food,shelter,cloth).

3. Help animals wandering at your area by feeding them daily.

For this you you do not need anyone's support.

4. Contact NGO's and serve others through them.

Yeah that is true, to serve others we need to sacrifice. But if you really want to help others you will also do that one day..

Best of luck

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Gessie’s Answer

Dear friend,

There are so many ways to give back and to do humanitarian work. Before I offer some further advice I challenge you to envision what you could see yourself doing. Are mission trips and traveling your thing, or not? You have to start by asking yourself these tough questions. Once you can envision the role that you want to play in the humanitarian world it makes it easier to negotiate things like salary. I see that you mentioned caring for a family and that's a valid question and or concern. First find what you want to do, figure out what the going sale for that position is, and lastly do a Google search on non profits doing amazing humanitarian work in your state. You should yield quit a few results. I hope this response ha been helpful to you.
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Austin’s Answer

Yes! There are a number of resources out there, I'll list a few below. Salaries depend on expertise, and education level. It can help to know at least one additional language too.

The best way to see what you'd be doing and the pay is to check out actual job postings, Relief Web is a good place to start. As I'm writing this there are about 2800 job posts:

Take some time to figure what sector you'd like to work in using the Sphere handbook:

Check out some of the large organizations like PAHO, World Bank, CARE, but don't ignore medium sized folks like Pathfinder International.

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DEBORAH’s Answer

Humanitarian aid work is broad and gives you a kind of fulfillment if it’s your passion. You need to narrow it down and target exactly what you want- human right, post conflict recovery, disaster mgt, health, WASH, settlement, Refugee related services, education, Children or youth focus, Agric etc. Build up yourself in your desired field and hunt for jobs. You can start as a part time volunteer while you work to sustain a family.