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What does it take to become a criminologist?

Updated Los Angeles, California

I am a junior and im interested in majoring in criminal justice. #criminal-justice #criminology #forensic-science

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Heather’s Answer

Updated Syracuse, New York

Great Question!

First, get your bachelors in Criminal Justice, Psychology or Sociology, which you were already thinking about. Congrats!!!

Second -- get your Masters in Behavioral Science or something closely related

Third -- Get an internship and much experience working as a Bachelor student and look into research assistant as a graduate student.

Forth -- Not required, but you could go for your Ph.D in Criminology, psychology or Behavioral science. It will give you more game and higher salary, but not required unless you want to teach.

Fifth --Seek License if your state requires one.

Hope this helps. :-) Good luck with your journey and best of luck in School.

Gary Stephen’s Answer

Updated Harlingen, Texas

Hi, great question...I found this link for you with good information about this career: http://www.careerprofiles.info/criminologist.html

hope this helps...good luck!