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What are some tips for a beginning entrepreneur to learn about branding

I am a grad student starting a health and environmentally conscious skin care line and need to figure out what my company will embody. What are some suggestions I can get to help guide me towards my ideal customer, what my brand stands for and how it's different than the rest. I really want it to have a personality of its own. #entrepreneurship #branding #skincare #start-ups #startups

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3 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

The first place to start is with yourself. Ask yourself and reflect on these questions:

  • Why do you want to start this company?
  • Is there anyone specifically you think would most benefit from having this product over what they have now?
  • What is it specifically that led you to want the product to be 'health and environmentally conscious'?
  • What do you want to bring to the market that you haven't found available before?
  • Why would anyone care to buy this product over what's easily available online or on store shelves?

Having a clear answer to these questions and the reflection and discipline it takes to answer them are the foundation of branding. It is very common to make founding vision/desire a pillar of new brands. Secondly it starts to get you to think about the consumer need state and specifically the "Jobs to be done" framework (look it up).

Another thing I will say about branding is you will find quickly that if you just want to find a name and look and feel, most names are taken. And you need legal help to do a copyright audit of names and territories. You want to submit your top 2-3 names for review (as it costs money per review). But you want to brainstorm hundreds of names.

Though it is important for names to be unique or be obvious what the product is / does, just know that once you land on a name you still have to invest in building equity in the name through sales, good customer experience, word of mouth and later brand and product exposure. So don't fret too much about the name but rather have it come as the result of the work of getting focused on what the brand should be, in consumers eyes -- starting with the questions above.

Also design student friends can help you put together the branding package once you have a sense of what the brand is.

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Aretha’s Answer

The first set of tips for a beginner entrepreneur to learn about about branding is: First be sure to do research about the industry and what successes and failures others have experienced when it comes to naming and branding their product. Brainstorm and find a name that best represents the product and the vision of the company. The brand will be established based on loyal customers so its important to get feedback from new customers and make changes to create the best experience and products for your customer which in return will create loyal customers and build your brand.

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Simeon’s Answer

Modern marketing almost always involves a degree of community management in addition to the traditional advertising avenues. Having content creators recommend your products in sponsored videos is one step, but developing your own online community can create long-term sustainability around your product. If you are able to produce your own creative content, it will draw people in and help develop a brand identity. As the community develops, you can also learn more about the preferences of the community as well as what they associate with your brand. If you have the ability to take a survey, it would be helpful to do some word association surveys about your brand as well as ask them to name what they imagine your competitors to be. That'll give you a sense for which products and brands your product is already associated with and if you need to take steps to change the brands image.