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Ryan L. May 31, 2016 520 views

What kinds of plans do you must plan ahead when becoming an engineer?

I want to know this so I can plan ahead and have a head start. I'm certain that I'm dedicated for my future job and grades. #doctor #web-development #technical-drawing...


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David L. May 22, 2016 730 views

For people who plan on becoming future web developers, would having online education be worth more than earning a Computer-Science related degree?

I'm currently a rising sophomore in college, who is majoring in Information Technology, with a concentration on Web and Mobile Development. The reason I'm addressing this question is that I want both other students who are interested in the same/similar field of study, and I, to be able to make...

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Ryan L. May 02, 2016 678 views

What college do you recommend for engineers?

I'm asking this question because I want to be an engineer. I wanna know what college is recommended for engineers. #doctor #engineer #web-development #data-engineer #technical-drawing...