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Career Questions tagged Petroleum Industry

Bradley’s Avatar
Bradley Oct 25, 2016 570 views

Is it better to gain a degree that is non-specific such as Chemical Engineering rather than a specialized degree such as Petroleum Engineering?

I am curious whether if it is in my best interest to leave my options open when obtaining a degree so I have more options when obtaining a career or gain a specific degree for a career. #chemical-engineering #petroleum-engineering #petroleum-industry

Ruheena’s Avatar
Ruheena Jun 21, 2016 661 views

What are the opportunities in petroleum industry. How do I select the right courses and the qualifications required to get into petroleum industry.

Petroleum Industry #petroleum-engineering #petroleum-industry #petroleum #petrochemicals

Nikhath’s Avatar
Nikhath Jun 20, 2016 726 views

what are the opportunities in the petroleum industry?

after completion of my graduation what i would like to do? #any #petroleum #petroleum-industry

Geovanny’s Avatar
Geovanny May 22, 2016 696 views

How is life as an Petroleum Engineer?

My high school has focused my attention to engineering. Out of all the careera in the field petroleum engineering has caught my attencion and intrest. I met a women one day and she mentioned her husband being a petroleum engineer and how he's almost never home. So I am wanting to know what will...