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Santa Rosa, California
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Jeremiah May 03, 2019 563 views

Where do I go for resources and information on the tech industry?

#technology #information-technology #tech #it

Diamond’s Avatar
Diamond May 13, 2016 1100 views

How does one go about looking for a programming job?

I'm guessing that I'm not gonna find a job by seeing a sign in a window somewhere. So do I look on the internet and if so do you have a suggested site? This is just for my future self. #jobs #programming #tech #websites #companies

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel May 18, 2016 842 views

I've decided to pursue a degree in software engineering. Aside from relevant skills and the aptitude to pick new ones up, are certs such as CompTia, Cisco certs,etc in demand by employers?

I'm 34, have two 13 year old felonies(marijuana possession,cultivation) and basically want to get my life together. I understand ones own opinion of one's self is usually biased but I am definitely intelligent enough to thrive academically and am learning various programming skills on my own...