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Orion Oct 28, 2020 444 views

How hard is it to become successful in Real-estate

I am trying to figure out what career path to take before I get to College. #career-paths

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Mateusz Oct 27, 2020 584 views

What is a daily schedule for a business manager ?

I am a sophomore in high school. My career interests are in management and administration and finance. I am in honors classes and have little work experiences. #career-options #high-school-students

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Tatiyana Nov 13, 2020 657 views

How would it be working for the first time?

I am a Sophomore and I am 15 years old.I have never had a job and want to know how my first day would be. Since i'm only 15 I will be working at McDonalds. This is just somewhere for me to work for now.When I become older I will work somewhere with really good payment.Could you give me some...