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Jacksonville, Florida
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Briana’s Career Goals

I am currently working towards my A.A. I want to become a Clinical Psychologist or Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist who makes outlasting impressions on others and creates a safe and healthy environment for future clients.



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Briana Mar 24, 2021 707 views

Do you have any advice for someone entering the mental health industry as an undergraduate?

Hello there. I am looking to enter into the mental health field and was looking for any advice or shared experiences you might have. I am currently trying to receive my A.A. and then transfer to my desired university for Psychology. #mental-health #mental-health-counseling

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Briana Mar 23, 2021 699 views

What is your personal experience working in the Psychology field?

I'm currently in school to become a Clinical Psychologist. I'm reaching out today in search of additional information about my career choice. I would love to hear about any additional advice or information you might have about the academic path to becoming a Clinical Psychologist or your...