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San Francisco, California
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I am interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field because I love helping people and I want to work around kids specifically.



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jayelyn Apr 16, 2021 722 views

Should you shadow someone who is already a nurse

I want to gain knowledge on being a nurse , such as should I shadow , sign up for internships talk to someone who is a nurse and the best route I should go. #thinking #bestroute #nursing

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jayelyn Apr 16, 2021 535 views

If you want to major in nursing should you just major in science ?

Nursing is my passion but Im not sure if I should just major in nursing or any different subjects such as any time of science . #college-major #choosing-a-major #college

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jayelyn Apr 16, 2021 507 views

What are the different kinds of nursing programs and should you go to a 4 year?

Im a junior in high school thinking of my major before senior year and college applications and I want to become a pediatric nurse . #high-school #college #science