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Kquevhin Jan 21, 2022 602 views

Do psych-related jobs in business (e.g. HR, I/O psychology, marketing) require experience in programming and data analysis?

Hello, I would like to know if you need to have experience in computer science to be eligible and be considered for such jobs, especially since it's something I don't really enjoy or have an interest in + it's one of the subjects I have the lowest grade on. If so, I might end up switching to a...

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Kquevhin May 01, 2021 753 views

What to expect in business psychology and what are possible careers?

I'm currently a high school senior, and I'm interested in business psychology. What courses and topics should I expect once I enter college, and what are the career paths for this? Aside from that, what resources can I refer to or activities I should do to help me prepare for what's ahead?...