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tanishka S. Jun 05 151 views

what do I want in future ?

hello friends, I am student of class 10th, India , CBSE board, my board exams are up soon.. I am an average student in studies.. I still don't know what to become in future or what stream should I choose.. every day I ask myself the same question "what do I want to do in my future? what do I...

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Sam S. Jun 22 132 views

How to say you're stuck? - Project Updates

I was recently given some work to do to present the next day and was told see what you can do. The problem is I tried to solve the problems for the project but I wasn't able to. I spent time researching the issue and had a question come up too which I asked my manager about. When checking in...

internship computer-science

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Sam S. Jul 20 161 views

What is the best way to ask for feedback as an intern?

For my internship I'm working on a project with another intern. Both of our managers are keeping the requirements vague and said they don't want to give too much guidance to see what we can come up with. I totally understand this and like the fact that it's more of a "lets see what you can do"...

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