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Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Sep 19, 2016 912 views

What is the best way to apply for an internship? How long through my college career should I wait before doing so?

I am pursuing a job in the field of Social Work and I was just curious about the internship process. #anyone

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Jan 17, 2018 816 views

Best Extracurriculars for a Book Editor?

Now that I'm looking at internships, I want to be an attractive candidate for publishing companies. I've just started working as an editor for one of my college's newspapers. My other extracurricular is very inactive now, so what clubs should I approach? Book clubs, maybe? #college #english...

Stephan’s Avatar
Stephan May 20, 2021 565 views

What is the benefit of being an audio engineer?

Outgoing!! #Career

Aphile’s Avatar
Aphile Jun 24, 2021 410 views

What required for radio presenter?m

I'm like exploring,try new things ,world wide ...easy to talk to .. I'm people's person n self motivated

Shantavia’s Avatar
Shantavia May 20, 2016 785 views

Time Management

I find it difficult to manage my time. studying for Nursing School, cooking and planning my day with the kids. any Advice?

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Oct 05, 2021 520 views

When a person is losing sight of their goals, how does one stay motivated to keep pursuing their aspirations?

I'm currently not in the predicament, but I need to be prepared for the future. #lifestyle #mentality #mental

Shuk Man’s Avatar
Shuk Man Oct 08, 2021 543 views

What is the first step to plan my career goal?

#career #career-paths #career-choice

madison’s Avatar
madison Oct 19, 2021 338 views

what kind of benifits come with the job of broadcasting/anchoring? i know you can gain a lot of respect but their seems to be a lot of disadvantages that i have thought, like you work on holidays, a lot of people won't like you, etc...

i feel like it would be super hard to be away from my kids, because i definitely want to raise a family, is it hard ? do you feel like you miss a lot of their lives? #anchoring