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Hayden Sep 17, 2021 526 views

What keeps you motivated to work?

I'm interested in going into the nursing field. #nursing #nurse

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Dejah Sep 17, 2021 659 views

If you could time travel and speak to yourself , what would you tell your former self before reaching this point in your career to ensure your experience was easier or more accurate?

#advice #prepare #fashiondesigner # management #businesswoman #college #career

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Maddie Sep 10, 2021 768 views

What is a good major when trying to study developmental psychology that allows many career options but isn't too broad? And is it possible to have a completely different minor that doesn't pertain to your major?

I'm a junior and very interested in the field of psychology but have no clue where to start when it comes to college. I have many interests that are in no way related but I want a career that I am passionate about and want a good idea of what to major and minor in that will help me to be...