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Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Oct 01, 2021 1072 views

What types of jobs and college majors should I consider if I want to dedicate myself to supporting refugees?

There are millions of refugees around the world facing huge challenges. I am interested in finding ways to dedicate myself to the cause, but I'm not sure what kinds of jobs are available. I'm just finishing high school and I'm planning to go to college, but I'm not yet decided on what kind of...

Lyrik’s Avatar
Lyrik Oct 01, 2021 565 views

If I become a vet, do I have to be the one to put an animal down?

I love animals and would love to work with them but I'm not sure if I could put someones pet down. I will if I have to but I don't know if I'll get emotional. Basically I'm asking if it gets easier the more you do it. #veterinarian #veterinary #animals