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DeKalb, Illinois
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Zaylin Nov 29, 2021 457 views

Where are some some good spots to open up a restaurant?

Where are some good locations to open up a restaurant, establishment, or manufacturing company? #business #entrepreneur #business-management

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Zaylin Nov 22, 2021 408 views

How long would it take me to open up a restaurant?

I know that reaching this goal would be expensive and tedious, but I've been cooking my whole life so opening up a restaurant would be something that I would look forward to doing, but I don't know how long it would take and how much school I would have to complete. #CulinaryArts

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Zaylin Nov 22, 2021 447 views

How much does it cost to open up a restaurant?

If I do go for a career in culinary arts, I would like to know how much money opening up and also maintaining a restaurant would be. I know that the price would be a lot because of rent, bills, employees, furniture, food, and more. But what is an estimate for a small establishment? #Food...