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Grundy Center, Iowa
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I plan to graduate a 2 year college and go into working for a wide spread graphic design company. That will allow me to work from both home and from the work building. Any job with Graphic Design I would love to work with and on. I would prefer for the company to be more towards the Southeastern coast or in the Midwest.

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Cassandra Mar 03, 2022 529 views

Are most graphic design jobs through designing magazines? Or are there other types of jobs that are popular to go with graphic design?

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Cassandra Mar 02, 2022 578 views

Where is the highest hire area in the US to get hired for Graphic Design?

#graphic-design #art #career #web-design #design

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Cassandra Mar 02, 2022 364 views

What are some good companies that take in people who have graphic design majors

#graphic-design #art

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Cassandra Mar 02, 2022 503 views

What are some of the major projects you'll work on in Graphic Design companies

#graphic-design #art #design