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Lindsey H. May 16, 2016 328 views

How can I make college affordable

College is very important to me and I know I am going even though it is beyond expensive. As of right now I have to pay for college on my own without my parents assistance. I am currently working and applying for scholarships when ever I get the chance but I was curious if their are any other...

#job-search #scholarships #financial-aid

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Lindsey H. May 16, 2016 474 views

Who is the best person to talk to when determining a career path?

I am currently planning on studying environmental science in college but I still don't have much of an idea of what I want to do when I graduate. I want to know who can help me discover careers that might interest me and how can I start preparing to pursue that career option. #teaching #teacher...

#career-choice #career-paths #counselor #professor