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consuelo May 19, 2016 1024 views

How much do lawyer get payd

is it salary or is it per hour? What are the averages for entry level, mid-level, and senior lawyers? #law #lawyer #attorney #financial-planning

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consuelo May 17, 2016 851 views

what dose a paralegal do

do i need to have a degree and is it unpaid like an intern #law #lawyer #paralegal #paralegals

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consuelo May 17, 2016 658 views

I heard public defenders are really underpaid compared to lawyers, is that true?

I want to be a public defender but could reconsider - I heard pay is little and workload is really big #lawyer #attorney #criminal-defense

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consuelo May 16, 2016 1689 views

Do public defenders have the same requirement as lawyers (Bar exam, etc) ?

Aren't they technically government employees? Does that require any extra effort or tasks? #lawyer #attorney #criminal-defense