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Tyra May 18, 2016 763 views

Is it best to take time off in between undergrad and graduate school to pursue things like work or travel, or is it best to just take everything in one big breath?

I can see the positive and negative possibilities with both taking time off in between graduate and undergraduate schooling and I'd like an experienced opinion. #teacher #professor #student #advisor #career #career-counseling

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Tyra May 18, 2016 837 views

In terms of selecting a minor, which would be most helpful for someone entering the medical field?

I plan to enter the medical field following college and graduate school as I'd like to be an anesthesiologist, dermatologist or dentist. I feel secure in my selected major, but I'm not set on a minor yet and I'd like some feedback on what would help me the most while still allowing me to feel...