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Joseph Sep 21, 2021 521 views

Should I start saving for medical school

I am a junior in high school and when I graduate I want to go into the medical field #medical

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Adalynn Jan 17, 2018 871 views

Will I be respected in the medical field as a nurse?

I have always wanted to be a nurse but every time I tell someone that they ask, “Why not a doctor?” And while I have no answer of why I don’t want to be a doctor, I’m worry as a nurse I won’t be respected in the medical field but only thought of being, “too dumb to be a doctor”...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jul 30, 2022 649 views

I love to do stuff with my hands but I don’t know what career I want can you help me pls

I love algebra and I wanna do a job that I do stuff with my hands build an item and I wanna be in the engineering department but I don’t know what type is the best or the medical field but I don’t want it to be a lot of years of studying I don’t like sitting on a desk or using the computer...