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Risa M. May 19, 2016 458 views

How do I really know that a career is for me?

I guess this varies for each person, but recently, I've been questioning what exactly is 'right' for me. I get this gut feeling that something is right and that it's exactly what I want, but then I begin to pick at the negative things and then I convince myself that the career path isn't for...

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Risa M. May 19, 2016 550 views

How do I best prepare myself to not only be an effective, professional, and successful worker but leader?

I'm currently unsure of what exactly I want to do in the future, but I have a heart for at-risk, underrepresented, vulnerable populations, preferably somewhere out of the country. This, however, is a rather broad umbrella topic and I hope to find that career for me through various opportunities...

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