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Philip May 10, 2023 261 views

How should I prepare for becoming a software engineer (or any other related computer science job) as an upcoming freshmen at a four year university who plans on majoring in computer science?

I plan on majoring in Computer Science in the fall and I know that software engineer is a demanding job for the computer science major. I am unfamiliar with any other jobs, but if you know some and are very familiar with the job info please share below as well!

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Philip Feb 17, 2023 442 views

What is real estate and what types of activities would a real estate person be doing?

I'm a senior in highschool whom has already chosen a major besides real estate but I'm curious to know what someone who majors in real estate does.

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Philip Dec 12, 2022 511 views

How can you stay consistent with a routine?

How can you stay consistent with a routine?