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Rachel B. May 26, 2016 440 views

Does studying abrod help you when it comes to appying to medical schools or is there something more important I should devote my time to?

I would like to attend medical school once I graduate college, but so many schools have the opportunity to study abroad. I was wondering where it would be best to spend my money. #doctor #medicine #professor #pre-med...


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Rachel B. May 26, 2016 451 views

Is studying biology or biomedcial engeneering as an undergraduate beter if I want to attend medical school after college?

I am visiting colleges this summer and trying to determine my course of study in college. I currently want to be either a Orthopedic Surgeon, Cardiologist, or Neurologist. #professor #pre-med #phd #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #neuroscience #orthopedics...