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emily May 26 65 views

What volunteer opportunities are best for pre-med?

What are the best things to volunteer at as a pre-med student? I know hospice is good for expier ce and les ring how to communicate with patients, but are there any I should really look for? Thank you!

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Arely May 25 75 views

What are some tips for attending university?

I want to be aware of tips that are recommended when entering a university.

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Arely May 25 106 views

What are some school supplies that can be useful ?

What are some useful supplies other than the general ones?

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Martina May 25 106 views

How do I get into college for dentistry or nursing and then what do I do after college to make more than 90k a year?

I love science, I have a 4.0 GPA, and next year I'll be going into my sophomore year in high school.