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San Jose, California
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Anthony May 30, 2017 1174 views

Are there any good colleges for learning business ?

I am a 11 grade student in American high school, and I am looking for a good college to studying my majors for business works and marketing. Any ideas? #business #marketing

Raeann’s Avatar
Raeann Feb 06, 2017 1231 views

Do AP classes really help your college applications?

Will having Advanced Placement courses really help my college applications? Do you think getting a B in an AP class will look better or worse to people evaluating your application? Is an AP class really worth it? #college #college-applications #ap #advance-placement

Camryn’s Avatar
Camryn May 17, 2016 1756 views

Is it necessary to go on a college visit to decide on a college? How do college visits factor in making this decision?\

I would like to go to college out of state and it would be difficult to visit the colleges I am considering. #college #counseling