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Christopher Oct 20, 2016 802 views

If I am a STEM major, can I expect to be picky when choosing a job after college?

In other words, is it likely that I will have a choice as to where I want to work? I am aware that the STEM fields are in a period of growth, so more and more jobs are being created. I dread the thought of being stuck in a career that I do not enjoy, and would like to have the ability to work...

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Christopher Oct 20, 2016 1469 views

How much opportunity is there for a STEM major in the entertainment industry?

My question regards the potential to find employment in the industry of entertainment (film and television) for a student majoring in a STEM field. I ask it because I have always had an interest in both of these areas, but they seem to be on opposite poles of the career spectrum. Particularly,...