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Sunil’s Avatar
Sunil Jun 22, 2016 1289 views

I want become a musician /singer, which is the subject i need to study further ?

i want become a singer #any #music

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph May 20, 2015 1086 views

how do i get notice by record label company

hi my name joseph and i go to madison park i am in the 11th grade and i really love music and i want to start by having my music shared with the whole world and i need some help with getting notice by any record label company #music

emilio’s Avatar
emilio Feb 12, 2016 1506 views

Should I be a rapper music artist?

................. #music

Al’s Avatar
Al Oct 30, 2016 1805 views

Is music a legitimate career?

I have always loved music and I am considering majoring in music. I want to know if I can make a living that way. #music