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Danny Engelman, CPA

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Cole’s Avatar
Cole Sep 28, 2017 572 views

How does the government decide the taxes for each state?

I know that in some states taxes are different; however, I am unsure as to why that is. I understand that they have different amounts of people, but why do those people have to pay substantially different amounts of money.#tax

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Sep 28, 2017 589 views

Is accounting a good career to go into?

My sister was encouraging me to get into #accounting because she thought I would be good at it but I'm not sure if it would be right for me.

Mallorie’s Avatar
Mallorie May 06, 2016 891 views

What colleges courses can I take for accounting?

What are some courses I can sign up for to become an accountant? #college #business #accounting #accountant #courses

Thythy’s Avatar
Thythy Sep 27, 2017 936 views

Do you ever get bored of being an accountant?

I am asking because I want to do something related to math, but do not want to be stuck doing the same thing everyday and eventually getting bored. Because I have worked so hard for a job, I do not want to end up not liking it. #accountant #accounting

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Sep 28, 2017 1301 views

Is accounting a career that will be unecessary in the near future?

Technology has advanced to the point where accountants are near useless, and thus wanted an opinion from different people. #accounting #financial-accounting #dead #useless #accountant