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Travis Howard

Senior Associate at PwC
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Raleigh, North Carolina
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Eduardo Sep 28, 2017 1634 views

Is accounting a career that will be unecessary in the near future?

Technology has advanced to the point where accountants are near useless, and thus wanted an opinion from different people. #accounting #financial-accounting #dead #useless #accountant

Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared Sep 27, 2011 6395 views

What do top tier consulting firms look for in resumes?

Please explain the factors consulting firms look for in a resume from someone in college when deciding whether or not to call a candidate in for an interview. #resume #consulting

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 28, 2017 4242 views

What is the best part about being an accountant?

I have considered about doing something with math, and I like doing computer work, so I think that will be a good job for me. #accounting