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Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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khaled Dec 19, 2017 1191 views

Im interested in cars...

hello, I'm interested in cars, I love cars, I'm an enthusiast, a gearhead, and a car addict, I've owned cars, and I know everything about cars, from engines to they're brands, to their specs, and everything else I wanted to study cars, but all of what has to do with cars is under "automotive...

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Leah Sep 01, 2017 919 views

I want to become a biomedical engineer. How well does college prepare you for a career in this field?

I am taking a computer science class at my high school and this is a Project Lead The Way course. My teacher explained that the purpose of PLTW was to bridge the gap between college and a job. I would like to know how big the gap is between college classes in biomedical engineering and an...