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Alsip, Illinois
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I want to be a website designer/developer.

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Eva Jan 13, 2018 1111 views

What is a typical website designer’s daily life like?

#web-design #web-development #information-technology

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Eva Jan 13, 2018 734 views

What are some things that the MIT Admissions Department looks for?

I have read that MIT looks for many things in its applicants that aren’t spoken about, does anyone know a few of these?
#mit #massachusetts-institute-of-technology #college #college-admissions

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Eva Jan 13, 2018 722 views

What are some web design summer plans?

I’m a freshman in high school and I was wondering what kind of web design summer plans exist, like camps, internships, and others.
#web-design #web-development #summer-internship #summer-courses