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Chelsie May 22, 2018 644 views

What is the best route for pursuing a career in precision medicine?

I have become very interested in precision medicine and pharmacogenomics. What majors are best for preparing you for a career in these types of fields? What education level do you typically need to work in this field? #career #pharmacogenomics #precisionmedicine #medicine

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Chelsie Mar 16, 2018 746 views

What job opportunities are available for those pursuing a degree in Bioinformatics?

I am a bioinformatics major, and while I love the field of study, I am still a little uncertain on all the job opportunities available with a Bioinformatics degree. Do the jobs tend to be more computer/programming based, or more lab work? Or is there some of each?
#bioinformatics #job-search

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Chelsie Mar 16, 2018 865 views

What is the best way to gain experience in the biology field while earning a degree?

As I’ve looked for jobs and opportunities to gain experience and help me as I pursue a career in the biology field, I have found that almost any job that is related to my field requires years of experience in the field. How do you overcome this barrier so you gain the experience necessary to...