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Ian D. Mar 20, 2018 354 views

How is the career stability and longevity for Merchant Mariners?

I'm transferring to a Maritime Academy in the fall and if there are any Merchant Mariners on here I'd love to know the relative stability and longevity with the career whether that's with a degree in terms of an Officer or an AB sailor. I think this might be a bit of a longshot since it's not a...

#career #maritime #marine

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Ian D. Mar 20, 2018 253 views

Not sure where else to get scholarships, grants, etc?

So I'm transferring for the fall semester and the cost is quite a bit. I got a 5700$ cal grant, and I'm trying to get a CalVet tuition waiver, but beyond that I still have high 'associated fees' and of course Room and Board. Basically, if I don't end up getting the CalVet tuition waiver I'll be...

#grants #scholarships #financial-aid

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Ian D. Mar 20, 2018 355 views

Are there any particular clubs that would be beneficial post-college?

I'm curious if there are any specific fields of clubs anyone would recommend that might help me post-college. I'm talking about non-frats, since my transfer college doesn't offer those. #extracurriculars #student-clubs #college...