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Jensen Beach, Florida
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I would like to be a student of Law and Medicine at University of Chicago or Georgetown University.

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Yazmeen Apr 04, 2018 807 views

Best college search apps?

Are there any apps for college search similar to the book The Best 382 Colleges?

#college-selection #collegesearch

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Yazmeen Apr 04, 2018 679 views

Which SL or HL score is better for college?

Would it be better to have a 7 in SL or a 6 in HL for college admissions? How are SL and HL scores taken into account in relation to AP course scores?

#college #college-advice #college-admissions #college-selection #IB #internationalbaccalaureate

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Yazmeen Apr 04, 2018 699 views

How important are SAT grades?

In applying for colleges, are SAT grades more or less valued than other aspects of your profile (ex; volunteer hours, etc.)? In addition to this, how important are your scores in the varying areas of the SAT in relation to your major?