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Which SL or HL score is better for college?

Would it be better to have a 7 in SL or a 6 in HL for college admissions? How are SL and HL scores taken into account in relation to AP course scores?

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2 answers

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Paul’s Answer

Hi Yazmeen,

I took IB and AP in high school so hopefully I can shed some light on this subject. A 7 on an SL test and a 6 on HL are both fantastic scores that weigh about equally when taken into account that the 6 is for a higher level class. In account to an AP test - unfortunately a 7 isn't any better than a 5. So for example, your 7 (SL) and 6 (HL) would equate to about a 5 on an AP test of the same class subject. Furthermore, a 5-6 (SL) and a 5 (HL) would be about a 4 on an AP test.



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Ryan’s Answer

I'd suggest looking at the scores that the colleges you're applying for will accept. For example, some colleges might have different score requirements for you to get credit.