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Katie Z. Apr 15, 2018 442 views

In college what was one of your toughest things you had to overcome and how did you get past it?

I am wondering about something you may have struggled with sometime in college and how you overcame the problem....


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Katie Z. Apr 14, 2018 303 views

Do colleges or other businesses offer internship or shadowing programs?

In high school or college, do businesses provide the opportunity to gain hands on experience in the workforce? To learn more about the major we are studying. business...


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Katie Z. Apr 14, 2018 378 views

In the interview process, what qualities do they look for when deciding to give you the job?

What characteristics are beneficial to exemplify to employers that you have, and that are positive in the workplace. interviews...


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Katie Z. Apr 14, 2018 487 views

If you could, what would you do differently in selecting a college and a major.

As a high school junior, what advice can you give me in the selection process. college college-selection...


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Katie Z. Apr 14, 2018 377 views

With a business degree, how influential is the name on your diploma in the interview process?

On average, college tuition has more than doubled in the last 20 years. Many college students graduate with significant debt, is it worth going to a school that is more expensive with an equal reputation of another school. While still getting the same degree. business after-college...

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