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Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Dec 21, 2016 1505 views

What traits does a hiring manager look for in a graduating student who does not have years of work experience?

I am about to head into my last semester of college and have not yet found an internship. I may have to move after graduating, and was wondering what traits help an applicant/candidate get a job when they do not have the years of work experience behind them. #human-resources #hiring

Mounia’s Avatar
Mounia Mar 17, 2017 1738 views

Do Industrial Psychologists suffer from the same drawbacks as human resource employees as many of these psychologists work in Human Resources?

What are the disadvantages of becoming a Industrial Organizational Psychologist? What are some of advantages? #psychology #human-resources

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 19, 2018 536 views

What are some of the jobs that will be really big in the near future?

I am looking for a program of study that will help me get a job. What are some of the areas that I should focus on, in order to find a field in high demand in the next few years?