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Zachariah B. Apr 23, 2018 329 views

If I want to sell my product, should I wait for my schooling to finish to try to start?

I want to sell comics, but I have to wait to get set up first. I'm going to college to be an entrepreneur, but I want to know if it's a better idea to wait until I finish schooling. Or, is it a better idea for me to get some sort of experience as a potential entrepreneur first. #entrepreneur...

#college-bound #comics

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Zachariah B. Apr 23, 2018 251 views

Will a score of 1160 on the SATs keep me from getting into Fairleigh Dickenson University?

I have not heard back from this University yet. I wonder whether or not they dislike my score, so I was wondering if the score I received is below the average score they accept. #scoring #fdu #sat #admissions #testing...